The performance, whether it is a dancer’s first recital at an early age or his or her last as a professional, whether doing a modern piece or a time-tested classic, are all significant to the dancer and to the audience that supports dance. It is our mission at the Costume Shop of West Monroe to support the artistic efforts of dancers, teachers, studios, and companies. We believe that as customers they deserve the best product available. Because after years of training, the long hours of rehearsals, and the aching bodies and feet that come with this profession we do not understand why anyone would take the stage in the wrong costume. This is where we know we can help complete the performance process.

We want to “raise the barre” in the costume industry. Each performance is a once in a lifetime experience for someone. When you pay to go hear a symphony concert you expect to hear beautiful and moving music. When you pay to go to a ballet you expect to see beautiful movement and exquisite costumes. What you find too often is that the costumes are sub par and this negatively impacts the entire production. We will work to stop this from happening.

We will create elegant products. We have meticulous standards and an intense passion for what we do. With each new creation we get to share in the joy and hopes of a new generation of dancers. We ask that you take the time to think and understand that the right costume is as important as any decision you will make surrounding your performance.

Our shop has been creating costumes for over 18 years in association with the theater, ballet companies, schools, churches and Monroe's Krewe of Janus. We have the largest selection of costumes in North Louisiana available for sale and for rent. So bring your idea's to us and let us turn them into reality. We have been in Business for over 21 Years so let us make your Halloween-Play - Christmas - Easter - Mardi Gras-Pep Rally-School Project the best yet.