1. Because you have one chance to make a good impression. Here is where it all comes together -- elegant design, beautiful fabrics, and the perfect trimmings.

2. We are “The Standard.” We create faster than they can copy us!

3. We are “The Design Leaders.” Many mass production manufacturers simply recycle their designs.

4. We are always happy to take the time necessary to talk with you to refine your ideas and design options for your performance needs.

5. For twenty years we have designed and created costuming for individuals and companies, from corps to principals. Our tutus and costumes are made for the professional, semi-professional, and student dancer.

6. We work with your artistic and choreographic team to understand what is expected of the dancer and what role the costume must fulfill.

7. We research historic costumes and complete sketches for you to review with your team. Based on your input we will create a fabric board to better understand the impact of color and design and how your finished product will move.

8. Every design becomes an original costume. Why would you trust your moment on stage to someone who will simply sell you a costume they have sold over and over again?

9. Because we understand what it means to step out on the stage in the wrong costume, we will always take the time necessary to talk with you to refine and define your design options for your performance needs.

10. We will never “pad our bills.” When we quote you a price, that price includes those items others charge extra to supply you (i.e., nude center, arm decorations or sleeves, and if given enough time, a muslin mock-up of your bodice for a perfect fitting).

When it is all said and done, costumes do have a voice! What does yours say about you?